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When will my order arrive?
We post all orders via a 24 - 48 hour courier service. Most of the time your order will arrive next day if you place your order online before 2.30pm. Orders placed on a Friday before 2.30pm will arrive the following Monday / Tuesday (unless it's a bank holiday). Delivery on orders placed upto 4pm on the 22nd, will be delivered in time for Christmas. Orders placed after 4pm on the 22nd will be despatched on the 29th dec. Orders placed after 29th will be despatched on or after the 4th January.

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Once we have despatched your order you will receive confirmation by email that your order is on it's way. The email will contain your tracking ID and a link to the courier web site so you can track your order online.

What support do you offer?
We have a dedicated online support center to offer assistance with orders, technical and general enquiries. Please visit Support Center to submit an enquiry. All enquiries are allocated a ticket number and you can check on your enquiry at any time online.

What is your returns policy?
Please click here to read our terms on returns and how to return an item.

What happens if you don't have all my items in stock?
Once we receive your order we double check to ensure we have all your items in stock. Your order will be automatically despatched if everything is available. If we don't have an item you will receive an email to ask if you wish us to despatch the rest of the items and we will provide you with an approximate date when the missing items will be in stock.

When do you debit my credit card?
We only debit your credit card once the goods have been despatched.

What happens if I receive the wrong item?
In the unlikely event that this does happen please contact us immediatley and we will send out the correct product and organise the return of the wrong item.

What payments do you take?
We accept all major credit cards and also payment via PAYPAL.

Tuning and Changing the motors capacity, some important notes
If you are changing the capacity of your motor then you should inform DVLA of the change and make sure you have the correct licence and insurance in place. Making a 50cc motor exceed 30mph even without changing the capacity will change your vehicles classification with DVLA from moped to motorcycle, you should inform DVLA and your insurance company of the change and ensure you have the correct license to ride a 50cc that can exceed 30mph

Exhaust restrictions 50cc
All 50cc exhausts with an E mark are Road Legal, but in order to be road legal they must comply with the moped speed limit of 30mph. Most exhausts are supplied with a restriction, this is normally in the form of a reduction of the down pipe size where the exhaust bolts to the cylinder, on some it may look like a washer, on others it is cone shaped, if you want to go faster than the 30mph limit this restriction will need removing from the exhaust. On some of the more higher revving exhausts there is no restriction in the down pipe, this is often found on some of Giannelli's exhausts, the 30mph limit is maintained by not fitting the variator rollers supplied with the exhaust, this causes the motor to run poorly which keeps it to the 30mph limit, in this case if you want to go faster than the 30mph limit simply fit the rollers supplied to your motor. Note that making the motor exceed 30mph will change your vehicles classification with DVLA from moped to motorcycle, you should inform DVLA and your insurance company of the change and ensure you have the correct license to ride a 50cc th

Exhaust restrictions over 50cc
Exhausts for motors over 50cc do not have any power restrictions, but in order to be road legal they must comply with noise limits. Some exhausts have removable baffles, the legality of these exhausts is only valid if they are used as supplied with the baffles in place.

There is an extra pipe on my standard exhaust that is not on the aftermarket exhaust?
WHAT IS IT? 2 stroke scooters made 2000 and later may have an air feed system on the standard exhaust that is not present on aftermarket exhausts.

WHAT IT DOES Air is fed from the fan on the transmission through a one way valve and in to the exhaust through a small inlet pipe on the front part of the standard exhaust, this has one function to feed air to the catalyser inside the standard exhaust to help burn un-burnt fuel before it can exit the exhaust, or that is what the manufacturers claim, most sceptics claim this is simply to dilute the exhaust gasses and give a cleaner reading at the tailpipe.

CAN I GET AN EXHAUST WITH THIS INLET PIPE ON IT? No, only the original exhaust from the scooters manufacturer will have this, none of the aftermarket exhaust are made with this inlet pipe on them, as they do not have a catalyser fitted, therefore there is no requirement for this, and the fitment of one to an exhaust without a catalyser would cause the exhaust perform poorly.

CAN I FIT AN EXHAUST WITHOUT THIS INLET PIPE? Yes, the solution is simple, blank off the end of the flexible pipe that attached to the standard exhaust.

CHANGING FROM A CATALYSED EXHAUST TO ONE WITHOUT A CATALYSER WHAT TO WATCH FOR Some models require jetting changes, normally 1 or 2 sizes up on the main jet is enough but if you are in doubt have a dealer check it for you.

Variator Rollers
On a standard motor normally the best rollers are the ones fitted as standard, these will give you the best balance between acceleration and speed, there are no magic rollers that will give you more speed or acceleration without causing a power loss elsewhere. If you want to experiment then below is a guide to how the rollers work.

It is all down to centrifugal force, as the motor spins and the rollers expand the pulley, and pull the belt in against the big spring on the rear pulley, heavy rollers will take less spin to expand the pulley as they have more centrifugal force at lower revs and with lighter rollers the crank has to spin faster to get the rollers to expand the pulley as these have less centrifugal force until the pulley spins faster.

Your rollers control the revs at which the pulley expands, as the motor reaches the revs needed to push the rollers out the revs then stay at this point, so long as this happens when the motor is in the power band (the rev range where your motor makes its best power), you will get the best out of your motor.

If the rollers are too light the motor will rev hard but stop accelerating before it has reached any real tops speed, due to it not being able to maintain the high revs needed to keep the pulley expanding.

If the rollers are too heavy the motor will be flat and lack revs, as the pulley will be expanding at too low a revs and stopping your motor revving in to the power band

Get the roller weight just right and it will give good acceleration and good top speed.

The only time a roller change is required is when something is done to the motor that alters the rev range the power band is in, like when fitting a sports exhaust, most of these work by making more power at higher revs, in effect the power band has moved up the rev range.

In this case; if the rollers are left standard the pulley will still expand at the rev range where the original exhaust made its power, but having just moved the power away from this point by fitting a sports exhaust the motor will feel flat and lifeless. This is where a roller change is required, fitting lighter rollers will make the pulley expand at higher revs, and this will then match up with the higher revs where the sports exhaust makes its power at.

Remember; the more you ask the motor to rev the smaller and narrower the rev range the power band is gets, and the more accurate the selection of rollers becomes.

Sports Air Filters
A Sports air filter will allow your motor to breath better than a standard air box, but are not best suited for use in wet and dirty conditions, as they are exposed and will become blocked and thus prevent air getting in to your motor.

If you are thinking of changing to a sports air filter you will need to adjust the jetting in your carb to suit the new air flow offered by your new air filter, this will be a case of increasing the sizes of the jets in the carb, by how much depends on how much more air is coming through the new air filter in comparison to the original air box.

It would be simple to advise jetting changes if we knew that 25% more air was getting in to your motor, but as there is no way of measuring this and given that there are so many vehicles and so many so many sports air filters on the market, the exact change in air flow will be unknown, and it is not possible us to supply you with jetting information.

A word of warning, running the motor with too small a main jet can result in serious damage to your motor, your aim with the jetting is to find the biggest jet the motor will run

Boost Bottles
A boost bottle is a device to store some fuel/air mixture when the throttle is closed, so that when the throttle is opened again it has this extra boost charge of fuel/air mixture ready, this gives the throttle a sharper response.

It is fitted normally to the inlet system on the bike/scooter, behind the carb, it is supplied with a threaded adaptor that can be fitted to the inlet manifold by drilling and tapping a hole.

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